Gian Simmen

PnL TALK (13.12.2019)

Gian Simmen became the first Olympic snowboarding champion in the halfpipe on 12 February 1998. In the pouring rain of Nagano, Japan, he surprisingly won the gold medal for Switzerland. When he travelled to Japan, he was still an unknown athlete, but in the following years he went on to influence halfpipe snowboarding considerably.

It was also thanks to him that snowboarding became socially acceptable. Gian Simmen won several World Cups during his career and was crowned World Champion in 2001 and 2002. Despite various injuries, he fought his way back to the top again and again. Today, he is a father of four working in marketing at Jungfrau Railways. In addition, he is a brand ambassador of various products and can be seen on Swiss TV as a snowboarding expert during competitions - and he still loves snowboarding as he did on the first day.

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