Kerstin Humberg & Adrian Müller

PnL MASTERCLASS (June/July 2020)

Particularly in times of great uncertainty and change, everyday management in start-ups can become a human test of strength. But usually we have more leeway than we realize. A fascinating key lies in Positive Psychology, the science of successful living and working. As soon as we have understood how the brain and mind work, numerous possibilities open up to organize our daily work routine in such a way that we feel more efficient and motivated.

Dr. Kerstin Humberg is the founder of Yunel, a start-up in Berlin. Since 2015, Yunel combines findings from happiness and brain research with strategic consulting to unleash human potential for positive social change. At the same time, Kerstin leads the Positive & Social Business section at the German Society for Positive Psychology (the science of happiness and wellbeing). Previously, Kerstin worked with McKinsey & Company, developing transformation strategies for clients in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East (2006-2014). The former journalist is a renowned expert in social entrepreneurship and positive psychology. For her publications she has been awarded numerous prizes.

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Adrian W. Müller is Professor of Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship at the ZHAW School of Management and Law, where he heads the Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship. His personal research and consulting focus is Entrepreneurial Innovation & Entrepreneurial Leadership, which he also teaches at other universities. Previously, he founded two companies of his own and built up the study program "Trends" in the Master of Arts in Design at the Zurich University of the Arts. Adrian is a certified leadership coach and accompanies leaders, teams and companies in tasks of personal and organizational innovation and transformation.

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Focus topic: Positive Leadership for Startups - Mastering turbulent Times