Tobias Rein

PnL TALK (24.08.2020)

Tobias Rein is one of the founders of the travel platform GetYourGuide. Born in Uster, he attended school at the cantonal school in Wetzikon before he started studying electrical engineering at the ETH. He broke off his subsequent PhD under Professor Lothar Thiele after a year and plunged into the adventure of young enterprise. Together with ETH students Johannes Reck, Tao Tao, Martin Sieber and Pascal Mathis, Tobias founded the start-up GetYourGuide.

Since 2009, GetYourGuide has grown into one of the world's largest platforms for booking tours and activities. Over 30 million tickets have already been sold. Today GetYourGuide is headquartered in Berlin and employs more than 600 people worldwide, 50 of them in Zurich. Over 650 million dollars have already been invested in GetYourGuide. The last round was one of the largest financial injections into a European startup in the travel industry with almost 500 million dollars. It also pushed the Swiss startup into the Olympus of the rare Unicorns.

Focus topic: My point of no return
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